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TwoStep - Part 3

Fig 9  Broken Box:

If we think about the basic Box (Fig 2). It is a 2 measure figure. 

Man:  Side Left, Together R,  Fwd L, Touch ;    Side Right, Together L,  Back R, Touch ; 

Lady:  Side Right, Together L,  Back R, Touch ;  Side Left, Together R,  Fwd L, Touch ;     


We can separate it into ½ Box forward (for the Man) and ½ Box Back.  Other steps can be executed between the two halves.  In this figure we will add a Slow Rock and Recover after each half of the Box, making this 4 measures.


Man:  Side Left, Together R,  Fwd L, Touch ;      Rock Fwd R, - Recover L,- ; 

         Side Right, Together L,  Back R, Touch ;   Rock Back L, - , Recover R, - ; 

Lady:  Side Right, Together L,  Back R, Touch ;  Rock Back L, - , Recover R, - ; 

          Side Left, Together R,  Fwd L, Touch ;      Rock Fwd R, - Recover L,- ; 

Note:  Any Rock step will be followed by a Recover onto the original foot usually in the same position.  You can Rock forward, Back or Side onto the free foot. 


We can dance a Broken Box in Butterfly position, but more often it is danced in Closed position (a loose ballroom hold):  it always begins with the lead feet free. 


Practice 9.1:

In Closed position with the Man facing the Wall, with Lead feet free 

Side TwoStep Left and Right ;;   

Broken Box ;; ;;  Side TwoStep Left and Right ;;   


Practice 9.2:

In Open position facing Line of Dance with Lead feet free 

2 Forward TwoSteps  ;;  Walk 4 to Closed position ;;        

Side TwoStep Left and Right ;;   

Broken Box ;; ;;  Side TwoStep Left and Right ;;   

Box ;;  Side TwoStep Left and Right  blend to Open position ;;   

Fig 9 - Talk Thru'
Fig 9 - Practice

Fig 10 Travelling Box:

This is the first figure which has a defined finish position (Semi-Closed position) which is different from the starting position (Closed position).  Again we take the basic Box and add 2 walking steps after each half, so the steps are easy but there are some changes of body position. 

Half Box forward ;     Blend to Reverse Semi-Closed position Walk 2 to RLOD ; 

Blending to CP Half Box Back ;  Blend to  Semi-Closed position Walk 2 to LOD ; 


While Semi-Closed position is extensively used in TwoStep, Reverse Semi-Closed position is seldom used except in this figure. 

From Closed position, bring joined lead hands closer to the body and raise them slightly to avoid strain on neck and shoulder. Loosen trail hands, maintaining contact, turn heads and feet slightly toward Reverse Line of Dance leaving their bodies in a tight V shape.  The Man’s Left leg will be slightly behind the Lady’s Right leg.  This position will feel a little unusual but it helps the return to Closed position without delay for the next measure. 

Practice 10.1:

In Closed position with the Man facing the Wall, with Lead feet free

Side TwoStep Left and Right ;;

Travelling Box to Semi-Closed position ;; ;; Walk 4 to Closed position ;;


Practice 10.2:

In Semi-Closed position facing Line of Dance with Lead feet free

2 Forward TwoSteps ;; Walk 4 to Closed position ;;

Box ;; Side TwoStep Left and Right ;;

Travelling Box ;; ;;

2 Forward TwoSteps ;; Walk 4 ;;

Fig 10 - Talk Thru'
Fig 10 - Practice

Fig 11  Left Turning Box:

This is a 4 measure figure in which every Half Box includes a quarter turn to the Left, so you finish where you started.  We will start by dancing this as solo dancers.  Face the wall with Left feet free. 


Side LEFT, Close RIGHT, Forward LEFT and turn 1/4 Left-Faced, -;   {Face LOD} 

Side RIGHT, Close LEFT, Back RIGHT and turn 1/4 Left-Faced, -;      {Face COH} 

Side LEFT, Close RIGHT, Forward LEFT and turn 1/4 Left-Faced, -;    {Face RLOD} 

Side RIGHT, Close LEFT, Back RIGHT  and turn 1/4 Left-Faced, -;     {Face Wall} 

As this is a Left turning figure, the turn is late ie you take the step before you turn.  Step forward onto the Left heel, transfer weight onto the ball of the foot then you can safely swivel ¼ to your left.  When stepping back onto the Right foot, keep the weight on the ball of the foot until you have made the turn.  As you take each Forward or Back step, turn your head a little to the Left to look towards the next facing direction – this will help you make crisp quarter turns.  We can also practice starting with the Right foot free. 


Side RIGHT, Close LEFT, Back RIGHT and turn 1/4 Left-Faced, -;      {Face LOD} 

Side LEFT, Close RIGHT, Forward LEFT and turn 1/4 Left-Faced, -;    {Face COH} 

Side RIGHT, Close LEFT, Back RIGHT  and turn 1/4 Left-Faced, -;     {Face RLOD} 

Side LEFT, Close RIGHT, Forward LEFT and turn 1/4 Left-Faced, -;   {Face Wall} 


Now if we begin in Closed position, facing the Wall with Lead feet free, the Man will execute the first sequence of steps and the Lady the second.  The dancers will rotate as a couple.  It is important that dancers maintain a good Closed position throughout, keeping their heads slightly to the Left. 


Practice 11.1:

In Closed position with the Man facing the Wall, with Lead feet free 

Box ;;   Side TwoStep Left & Right ;; 

Left Turning Box ;; ;; 

Fig 11 - Talk Thru'
Fig 11 - Practice
TwoStep Part 3 Video

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